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About Beginnings 

Jeanette's first book, "Beginnings: Volume 1" is a celebration of her life journey and the many experiences and people that have positively influenced and impacted her in positive ways. 


Her main inspiration has always been the strength, love, faith, and dreams of her mother. Following in the footsteps of her mother's example has truly shaped who Jeanette is today.


Along with her mother, she has always been blessed with close friendships and associations that have encouraged and inspired her to be her best self. These "angels on earth" have brought clarity and joy that she feels privileged to pass along and weave into her poetry. 


Within her poetry, you'll also see glimpses of inspiration from her many travels, love of nature, and love of music. For Jeanette, life and poetry is a marvelous adventure filled with dancing, exploring history, being a good friend, appreciating those in our life, and loving unconditionally.

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About J. Shou’Me

My journey up until now has been a diverse and eclectic mix of life, experiences and people.

For that, I am profoundly grateful.


After my father passed away, my mother moved our family from Jamaica, West Indies to Harlem. I still remember the day I left Jamaica in that beautiful black and white dress. And the pleasant conversations I had with a young man that sat beside me on the plane is vivid in my memory.


Growing up in the heart of Harlem at the time, in some of the most beautiful Brownstone enclave on St. Nicholas Ave., was wonderful. But, even with all its beauty I felt enclosed. It never felt right being locked in, especially in the winter months. But some of these cold days and low periods of my life ultimately served as inspiration and motivation for my writing.


From living in a variety of diverse neighborhoods, to all the jobs and experiences I’ve had over the years, every person and every experience has  contributed in some way to where I am today. The many encounters with a wide range of people from various background and cultures helped to spark my imagination and weave expressions, characteristics and incredible life stories into my poems.


My simple ambition is to share what has inspired me along the way and in doing so, encourage others to step out to make their dreams a reality.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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